Digital Health Most Wired 2023 Segment Trends Reports

The Digital Health Most Wired 2023 Segment Trends Reports tie together the survey's overarching theme of "accelerating data usage"
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Nov 8, 2023, 2:28 PM

The annual CHIME Digital Health Most Wired (DHMW) survey program offers essential insights into how healthcare organizations (HCOs) worldwide are using healthcare information technologies (HIT) and practices. Widely known for the annual Digital Health Most Wired recognition awards, the DHMW survey program aims to support healthcare leaders’ decision-making by providing robust benchmarking and trending profiles of digital health usage in HCOs, all the while encouraging HIT adoption via DHMW Level designations.

Reflecting the digital profiles of approximately 40% of US hospitals, the varied array of HCOs included in the 2023 DHMW survey is highly representative of the known US health system landscape. As such, the survey serves as a valued resource in identifying major themes and shifts in the digital health marketplace. This year’s survey is no exception as the overarching theme of the 2023 DHMW survey findings can be characterized as “accelerating data usage.”

In accordance with this theme and in addition to market trends highlighted in the National Trends Report (download here), the survey data revealed numerous insights related to areas of interest for many HCOs. We present these via the eight sections of the survey that are used to derive an HCO’s DHMW score. While each section covers a diverse ecosystem of standalone tools, platforms, and capabilities, within each are key trends worth noting about technology adoption and use.

For a more detailed discussion of each section, check out the Segment Reports below (some require registration):

  • Patient EngagementRegister and download
    • In partnership with Gozio health, this trend report looks at leadership, collaboration, digital engagement tools, telehealth trends, and partnering for success.
  • SecurityDownload now
    • In partnership with First Health Advisory, this trend report reviews best practices around leadership, governance, and internal security processes, as well as how to leverage external resources and cyber insurance.
  • InfrastructureRegister and download
  • Interoperability and Population HealthRegister and download
  • InnovationDownload now
  • Analytics and Data ManagementRegister and download
  • Clinical Quality and SafetyDownload today
  • Digital Transformation PrioritiesDownload now
  • Administration and Supply ChainDownload now

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