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The X in our brand represents the exponential effect of how communities, analysis, and insights can drive organizations to new levels of performance, understanding, and outcomes.


Digital Health Insights (DHI) delivers actionable information on the most pressing issues facing healthcare professionals today. DHI delivers analysis, best practices and guidance on how healthcare organizations can thrive as they continue driving digital transformation within their organizations.

The Digital Health Community (DHC) provides a secure environment for healthcare leaders across the globe to exchange ideas, solutions and best practices to further the evolution of healthcare as we know it today. DHC sets the standard for cross-association collaboration and networking and will work to become the world’s largest healthcare professional network.

In 2022, CHIME will supercharge digital health transformation capabilities by moving from a one snapshot in time static Most Wired survey to a 365/24/7 data and analytics resource with the Digital Health Analytics portal. Digital Health Analytics (DHA) will be the gateway for provider organizations and companies to better understand how digital technology supports leaders in transforming health and care and delivering data insights that help them make the greatest business impact possible.