2023 Most Wired Interoperability and Population Health segment report

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Dec 15, 2023, 12:53 PM

Digital Health Most Wired survey

The annual CHIME Digital Health Most Wired (DHMW) survey is a significant digital health “north star” that healthcare organizations (HCOs) have relied upon for years. Reflecting the digital profiles of approximately 40% of U.S. hospitals, the array of HCOs included in the 2023 DHMW survey is representative of the known US Health System landscape. Interoperability and Population Health formed one of several main categories in the survey.

Data strategies for healthier populations

In a digital health world shaped by Meaningful Use, HCOs have largely moved on from focusing on their data capture and storage capabilities to improving outcomes. In this environment, leveraging data emerges as a critical activity in the realization of improved operational and clinical outcomes.

This theme of “acceleration of data usage” was evident in all eight sections of the survey but is especially pertinent to the Interoperability and Population Health section. Success in a value-based care environment requires HCOs to leverage patient data quickly and accurately to positively impact the health of select population groups. This can only be accomplished when the data is undergirded by strong interoperability capabilities.

Interoperability and Population Health trends report

Using the 2023 DHMW survey as a starting point, we profiled findings from the survey around the scope of data exchange, as well as trends in leveraging data to positively impact the health of targeted populations.

Featuring expert insights from InterSystems, this Interoperability and Population Health Segment Trends Report is designed to provide context and clarity around the many complex issues HCO leaders must navigate to ensure their digital health tools operate within secure and reliable environments.

Register and download this report to learn more about:

  • The difference between investing in integration/connectivity vs. comprehensive interoperability
  • Employing a comprehensive external data strategy to leverage multiple networks for better insights and patient care.
  • The potential of automation to improve how disease registries gather and handle patient data.
  • How HCOs are integrating chronic care management data into EHRs



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2023 Most Wired Interoperability and Population Health segment report

By admin
Dec 15, 2023, 12:53 PM