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The only constant is change: What’s top of mind for health IT execs at ViVE 2023

Here’s what top health IT executives are going to be talking about at the upcoming ViVE 2023 conference in Nashville.
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Feb 22, 2023, 11:57 AM

The healthcare industry has a curious relationship with change.

On one hand, new clinical and digital innovations are being introduced every day as researchers and entrepreneurs push the boundaries of modern science and technology. On the other hand, it seems to take ages for these novel tools and strategies to find a footing in the day-to-day routines of payers, providers, and patients.

This dichotomy produces significant friction and frustration for healthcare leaders who feel the urge to push forward while being bound by the realities of organizational inertia and an uncertain economic environment.

Fortunately, the annual ViVE event gives health IT executives the opportunity to come together and share ideas, learn about the latest technologies, and support one another through the challenges of change.

This year, leaders will convene in Nashville, Tennessee, from March 26-29 to discuss everything from interoperability and security to virtual care and health techquity, giving attendees a leg up in an increasingly competitive, fast-paced, and complex digital ecosystem.

Here are some of the issues that are top of mind for the best in the business this year.

Leveraging virtual care to create an equitable, consumer-centric ecosystem

 For payers, care providers, and technology companies, there’s no question that patients come first. Virtual care, automation tools, and smart devices in the home are starting to change the game on access to care and enable much more consumer-centric interactions.

But developing the digital infrastructure to truly support these new care strategies can be problematic.  To keep patients engaged in their care in the clinic and at home, providers and payers will need to invest in virtual care targeted to the needs of their specific populations.

Join the HLTH Foundation’s Justice League to explore how to develop a strong focus on equity for underserved populations by incorporating insights about the social determinants of health, the burdens of living with chronic disease, and the preferences of unique demographic groups.

The Techquity Impact Stage on the show floor will host a variety of sessions, including Once Upon a Music City: How Data & Partnership are Sparking Community Innovations in Health Equity, on Tuesday at 11:00 am.

This session will showcase the public-private partnership between Belmont University’s Data Collaborative, NashvilleHealth, a non-profit organization founded by Senator Bill Frist, and NTT DATA, which is enabling broad community innovation to address healthcare disparities in Nashville.

 Getting the right data, then getting it where it needs to go

 Analytics platforms are evolving to ingest much more sophisticated, varied datasets to generate actionable insights for clinicians, administrators, and executives. But more data could mean more problems – if an organization’s infrastructure isn’t designed to handle the influx of information.

From AI to the IoT, creating an interoperable, agile, secure, and cohesive digital roadmap will be critical for meeting the requirements of modern, tech-enabled care.

This year at ViVE 2023, attendees can pick the brains of CHIME provider members and CHIME Foundation members in a track dedicated entirely to the task of taming complexity during ongoing health IT transformation efforts.

Session: Building the Digital Transformation Plane while Flying, Monday, March 27, 10:30 am.

Investing in precision technologies to advance innovation

 There are thousands of digital health companies and technology solution providers vying for the attention of people with purchasing power.  How can leaders figure out which products are worth the investment?

First, buyers need to develop a solid understanding of the current state of the technology market and what is realistic to expect from artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and automation today.  Next, executives have to be comfortable assessing prospective partners and their products for functionality, value, integration, customer service, and ease of use.

In a health tech environment that is still attracting billions from investors looking for the next health IT unicorn, it’s imperative to hear from digital innovation experts about how to spot the next big thing without getting caught up in something that’s too good to be true.

Don’t miss the Medicaid Sessions @ ViVE on Monday between 10:00 am and 12:00 pm, where innovators can connect with Medicaid experts and health system executives to help companies refine their business strategies and build relationships with real-world decision makers.

 Driving value throughout the enterprise and the industry

 “Value” can mean different things in different contexts, but stakeholders all agree that it’s the number one driver of change in the modern healthcare industry.  Leaders can also agree that value is becoming increasingly hard to achieve in a market where talent is scarce and budgets are tight.

Building value within the organization requires a great team empowered with seamless access to digital information. Extending that value to the rest of the care continuum means working with partners efficiently and effectively to control costs, improve outcomes, and create positive patient experiences.

Post-COVID, healthcare executives will need to redefine what “value” means to them and to their partners by taking a closer look at the financial equations behind chronic disease care, digital investments, and talent retention.

Using value as a benchmark to guide activities in 2023 will be essential for success as change continues to march on at its inexorable pace.

The ViVE 2023 event, powered by HLTH and CHIME, is the ideal place to join thousands of thought leaders as they share their successful strategies for digital innovation and patient-driven care.  Click here to register for an in-person or digital ticket to the premier gathering of health IT decision makers in Nashville on March 26 to 29, 2023.

For more session information, visit the ViVE Agenda page.

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