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“Most Innovative” Healthcare Providers

Fortune Magazine's list of America's Most Innovative Companies are some of the most prominent healthcare providers.
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Apr 21, 2023, 1:20 PM

Included in Fortune Magazine’s 2023 list of “America’s Most Innovative Companies” are some prominent healthcare providers.  

The list recognizes 300 companies; eight of them are healthcare providers in the top 100 of the list: 

#21 – Mayo Clinic (Rochester, MN) 

#26 – Cleveland Clinic 

#40 – Houston Methodist 

#51 – Duke University Health System (Durham, NC) 

#71 – The University of Kansas Health System (Kansas City, KS) 

#76 – Cincinnati Children’s 

#85 – Intermountain Health (Salt Lake City, UT) 

#90 – WVU Medicine (Morgantown, WV) 

In all, there are 58 providers in the full list of innovative companies. The survey evaluated three categories: product innovation, process innovation and innovation culture. 

Building cultures of excellence and innovation

The providers listed above all participate in the Digital Health Most Wired (DHMW) survey and recognition program from CHIME’s Digital Health Analytics (DHA). Participating providers report on their plans, implementations, and management in several areas, including innovation, infrastructure, cybersecurity, digital transformation, administrative and supply chain, and analytics and data management.  

Each provider listed above scored high —Level 8 and above — in DHMW’s 2022 program, with The Mayo Clinic, Intermountain Health, and West Virginia University Medicine scoring Level 10, the highest achievement representing true industry leadership and effective innovation initiatives.  

The 2023 DHMW survey is open for registration and participation. Visit DHA for more info and to sign up. 

How providers are driving innovation

  • Healthcare providers like the Mayo and Cleveland Clinics are known for cutting-edge research and industry leadership in innovation. For example, the Mayo Clinic is pushing the boundaries in the field of precision medicine, which aims to personalize healthcare by taking into account an individual’s genetics, environment, and lifestyle factors. They are developing new diagnostic tools and treatments based on this approach.  
  • In addition, The Mayo Clinic is exploring uses of new technology, such as their development of a mobile app that helps patients manage chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension. They are also using virtual and augmented reality technologies to enhance medical education and training. 
  • The Cleveland Clinic has emerged as a leader in telemedicine, which uses technology to provide rote healthcare services. They offer a range of telemedicine services, including virtual visits, remote monitoring of patients, and second opinions from specialists. The Cleveland Clinic is also home to a robust research program that spans a range of areas, including genomics, neurosciences, and cardiovascular medicine. They are constantly pushing the boundaries of medical science and working to develop new treatments and therapies. They also have a strong global presence, with facilities and partnerships around the world.  

Building on extensive experience in the fields of journalism, media production, and learning design and development, John Marc Green’s newest adventure is serving as Director of CHIME Innovation. In this role, his ongoing conversations with CHIME Members and Partners provide insights and direction to serve their interests in a variety of ways, including digital healthcare innovation journalism, professional development events and program facilitation, and on-demand educational development through CHIME Innovation.

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