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Meet the Data Hostage Negotiator

Renowned data hostage negotiator Andrew Carr talks about the value of stalking the dark web, and shepherding data back to safety, unharmed.
By admin
Jun 10, 2024, 3:54 PM

While most healthcare cybersecurity experts will grit their teeth when they say it, technology is not totally foolproof in preventing a breach. Set aside the human factors of prevention in a world of phishing and other sketchy emails; the arms race between bad actors and CISOs has moved to a totally new battlefield as a result of AI.

In many cases, it is a matter of when a cyberattack happens more than if it happens.

This adds a different immediacy to the breach and ransom response strategy, one that includes the worst-case scenario of having to pay to get patient and financial data back.

Just as with human hostage-taking, there are trained professionals who negotiate with the perpetrators to either return the hostage unharmed for free or to negotiate a mutually acceptable ransom to have the hostage (or data) returned, most importantly with assurances that it will never be shared.

In today’s episode on Health Stealth Studios, you will meet Andrew Carr, a cybersecurity forensics expert, professor, and a renowned data hostage negotiator. Andrew infiltrates the global online communities on the dark side, locates the hostage takers, and mediates the financial and logistical aspects for the data’s safe return.

We hope you enjoy today’s episode on Health Stealth Studios.

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