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Habit Design wins Innovation Award

Top cardiologists award AI-powered Habit Design, a company that helps people instill heart-healthy habits in just 6 days on average.
By admin
Mar 22, 2023, 9:00 AM

An AI-enhanced habit coaching system that helps people develop heart-healthy habits wins an innovation award from a top group of U.S. cardiologists. This would seem to support the use of behavior-changing technology-supported methods as an innovative preventive medicine approach. 

On March 4th, 2023, Habit Design, Inc. was recognized by the majority of attending voters at the American College of Cardiology – Scientific Sessions & Expo, as the “People’s Choice” Innovation Award recipient. Michael Kim, founder and CEO of Habit Design, received the award on behalf of his company. “It’s a great honor to receive this prestigious award. Our collaboration will help cardiology patients across the nation to accelerate new, healthy habits, Kim said. Habit Design is now the first habit coaching company ever to be so recognized by the ACA, a medical community of over 50,000 cardiologists. 

Preliminary results of the Phase II clinical trial of Habit Design’s AI-enhanced habit coaching system, including accelerating the time to create an automatic habit from at least 66 days (the previous clinically validated benchmark) to just 6 days, on average. 

Research shows it often takes as long as 66 to 88 days or longer (not 21, as many believe) to form the habits that really matter to lasting wellbeing. Science also shows that nearly 80% of those trying to create new habits give up after just six weeks. Habit Design is the first clinically validated, evidence-based habit coaching system proven to accelerate new habits in as few as just six days. (Kim M, Lara ME. Designing Sustainable Behavior Change with Habit Design. American Journal of Health Promotion. 2017;31(4) 364-366.) 

From its website, Habit Design was “founded by clinical psychologists & scientists from Harvard, Yale, Stanford Medical School, and the University of Washington, Habit Design customizes twenty clinically-validated habit formation techniques to each client by integrating AI, behavioral economics, and real-time coaching, taking only 1 minute a day. Over 100,000 clients have successfully created over 1 million new habits using Habit Design.” 

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