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Transforming Cybersecurity to Support Digital Health

Healthcare Radio Now interviews CrowdStrike CIO Drex DeFord talks cybersecurity strategies for healthcare organizations.
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Feb 15, 2023, 2:41 PM

Creating an incident response plan and implementing policies for staff and third party vendors is critical to any healthcare organization’s cybersecurity, says healthcare strategist and CIO at CrowdStrike Drex DeFord in his recent interview with Healthcare NOW Radio host Jim Tate.  

In this episode of The Tate Chronicles, Tate and DeFord provide an  in-depth look at how organizations can strengthen their cybersecurity efforts to support digital health. DeFord led a discussion on the topic at the State of Cybersecurity Virtual Summit hosted by Digital Health Insights on Deb. 8, 2023, of which CrowdStrike was a sponsor.  

For DeFord, a  strong plan should answer the questions, “what do we do if the system goes offline, and who will make the decision to disconnect from the internet, and how quickly do we need to make that decision?”   

DeFord shared that it typically takes a bad actor 1 hour and 24 minutes to break out of the first machine they attack, and once they do it’s much more likely that data will be stolen or ransomware will be implemented.  

CrowdStrike’s strategy? Detect, investigate, and respond and mitigate. “If you can do that quickly 365, you’re in a pretty good position to be devastatingly effective against ransomware and data exfiltration,” says DeFord. 

Using their 1-10-60 framework CrowdStrike helps organizations by providing, “Endpoint detection and response, which means really helping organization with capabilities like Falcon® Complete™ to make sure they are able to detect when something bad is happening in their network within a minute, within ten minutes do an investigation to confirm that there’s something bad happening, and within sixty minutes kick the bad guy out of the network.  

It’s this speed and agility that is transforming cybersecurity, says DeFord, and CrowdStrike can help you get there.  

For more details on the discussion, listen to the full episode at here 

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