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Beyond glittery tech: Operational, patient improvements will drive healthcare transformation

Exclusive ViVE 2024 interview reveals healthcare's struggle for efficiency, the AI dilemma, and the urgent push for operational reform.
By admin
Apr 29, 2024, 4:45 PM

In a recent episode of Health Stealth Radio, hosted by Frank Cutitta, Sage Growth Partners CEO Dan D’Orazio discussed the findings of his organization’s current market research. The interview uncovered deep concerns with the state of healthcare IT, including an under-appreciated focus on cybersecurity, persistent gaps in care continuity, and challenges stemming from the recent healthcare market downturn.

The pair discuss how the continued fixation on EMRs impedes digital health progress, and financial pressures are hindering innovation. They also tackle the big debate over AI’s potential vs. reality, as many leaders see value in the “JOMO” effect (Joy of Missing Out) at least short term. Among the surprises and key takeaways from the market research were frustratingly low safety and consumer engagement priorities, despite all the industry buzz and recognition of the importance of putting patients front and center while safeguarding with robust cybersecurity.

Overall, this episode reinforces the need for healthcare to evolve on multiple fronts and highlights the urgency of finding solutions to persistent challenges. The stakes are high, with hospitals potentially becoming the safety net of last resort and with the threat of waste further draining resources from other sectors of the economy. It’s time for the industry to move beyond buzzwords and focus on solutions that truly improve operations, enhance engagement, and protect the most important asset of all – patient health.

Listen to the full episode here:

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