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BeMe is reshaping teen mental healthcare

BeMe Health, a mental wellness app for teens, leverages wellness content and live coaching to support teens’ mental health.
By admin
Sep 15, 2023, 12:59 PM

Turns out being on your phone can be good for your mental health. BeMe Health, maker of a behavioral health app for teens, released data showing that teens who regularly used their platform improved their self-esteem and ability to handle stress.  

The platform showcases brief, easy-to-digest TikTok-like videos made by their own content creators with themes focused towards nurturing mindfulness and offering practical advice on issues affecting teens.  

“Teens are telling us they want more support in navigating the social and emotional changes of adolescence in a post-pandemic world,” stated Dr. Danielle Ramo, PhD, Chief Clinical Officer of BeMe. “BeMe’s approach utilizes clinically validated skills, delivered in a way that resonates with today’s digitally connected teens. Our platform provides support before severe problems arise, during gaps between clinical sessions, and even when crises are looming.” 

Beyond video content, BeMe offers live coaching, an alternative — and in some cases a bridge — to traditional therapy that focuses on skills-based learning and goals.  

“In this digital world, teens now expect immediacy and convenience. Their needs and feelings can’t always wait for their next in-person or even virtual therapy appointment. And they want support when and where they need it, through their phones,” Ramo continued. “BeMe’s coaching service offers an always-on approach for teens to access mental health tools and support on their own terms.” 

The study showed that after using the platform an average of eight times a month, participants reported experiencing an uplift in hope (83%) and self-esteem (84%), along with a heightened ability to manage stress (92%).  

The results are promising in a world where teens are reporting a decline in mental health. Data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) shows 42% of teens describe feeling “so sad or hopeless almost every day for at least two weeks in a row” that they stopped engaging in their normal activities. The number of young people contemplating suicide has also increased in the past 10 years.   

A safe space and easy access 

Teens accessing mental health solutions isn’t always straightforward. If they don’t have a safe space at home, financial limitations, or stigma, lack of privacy.  

 Accessing mental health services can be a complex task for teens, hindered by issues such as financial limitations, the stigma surrounding mental health, and the absence of a private and safe environment at home. 

Recognizing this significant and concerning trend of deteriorating mental health among adolescents, experts have called for prompt and innovative interventions to cater to the unique needs of this demographic.  

“Innovative solutions that are accessible, engaging, and responsive are needed to address the mental health needs of teens today,” said Dr. Judith Prochaska, lead investigator of the study and a Professor in the Department of Medicine at Stanford University with the Stanford Prevention Research Center. “Our initial findings demonstrate that a large number of teens engaged with the BeMe platform, including its content, mood assessments, interactive skills, and live coaching. Digital tools such as BeMe have the potential to substantially enhance access to mental health support for young people.” 

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