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Amazon takes on chronic disease management

The Amazon Health Conditions Programs option aims to connect people with their health benefits for chronic disease management.
By admin
Jan 23, 2024, 12:32 PM

Amazon is adding to its arsenal of digital health offerings with a new initiative called Health Conditions Programs, a way to help health plan members understand and access their health benefits to better manage chronic disease. 

The program is designed to reduce the amount of benefits that plan members leave on the table - nearly 30% of their total compensation, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics – while expanding the use of digital health strategies and personal health devices. 

“Amazon wants to make it easier for people to get and stay healthy, and part of that is making it easier to discover the products, services, and professionals that can help them do that. Many people aren’t aware of the health care benefits they’re eligible for, that are typically no cost or subsidized by their employer or insurance plan,” said Aaron Martin, vice president of healthcare at Amazon, in a blog post announcing the project.  

“When customers are shopping for health-related products on Amazon, we can surface these additional health care benefits to them to provide even more support in improving their health, at no additional cost.” 

The program is launching with Omada Health as an initial partner. Omada Health offers digital health programs for diabetes prevention, diabetes, and hypertension and has more than 20 million eligible members through more than 1900 employers and health plans. 

Amazon customers can conduct a general coverage check on the Amazon Health website, then get connected with suitable Omada Health options, if available through existing insurance benefits. Eligible members can then enroll to get access to services such as digital devices, health coaching, and community support to help with lifestyle modifications and healthy choices.    

The new initiative complements Amazon’s recent push into the digital health space, which includes pharmacy services and virtual care via One Medical, which the company purchased for $3.9 billion in 2022. In November 2023, Amazon announced that its virtual care offerings would be available to all Prime members for $9 per month to democratize access to telehealth providers. The shopping giant also offers an array of FSA and HSA eligible products across its website. 

Amazon plans to work with other digital health companies in the future through the Health Conditions Program, but appears to be focusing on diabetes at the moment. Omada Health has more than a decade of data showing its success in this area, including a 12-month A1C decrease of 2.0% for members with a baseline A1C above 8% and 76% of members achieving Omada’s A1C reduction goals. 

“It’s inspiring to see Amazon work with established digital healthcare companies like Omada to fight chronic disease—especially diabetes, which often goes undiagnosed,” said Deborah Dugan, CEO of nonprofit Beyond Type 1. “Mobilizing the business, tech, and health industries to collaborate across sectors is how we ultimately scale impact, improve health outcomes, and drive health equity throughout the world. As a leader in diabetes advocacy, Beyond Type 1 applauds these companies for bringing awareness to the disease.” 

Jennifer Bresnick is a journalist and freelance content creator with a decade of experience in the health IT industry.  Her work has focused on leveraging innovative technology tools to create value, improve health equity, and achieve the promises of the learning health system.  She can be reached at jennifer@inklesscreative.com.

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