Webinar: Preparing for an EPIC upgrade

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Apr 12, 2023, 2:38 PM

Larger and more frequent infrastructure upgrades are required to support growth, meet Epic’s performance requirements, and respond to their report cards and alerts. Additionally, Epic environments running on IBM Power Systems are looking to lower costs with x86 standardization — while maintaining or increasing performance. While a robust compute foundation is clearly vital to manage the EHR system with reliability, performance and scalability, the available choices have not kept pace.

This educational webinar will discuss technical strategies around HPE’s Epic-validated Superdome Flex High Performance Compute to support Epic Operational Databases and Clarity/Cogito databases.

Speakers: Aivers Apsite, healthcare practice manager, HPE; and, Bill Flatley, field CTO for healthcare, Comport.

Access this on-demand webinar now to learn about:

  • Scale without Migrations – grow databases by non-disruptively adding blocks of compute
  • Standardize – same x86 platform across all tiers
  • Performance – outpaces IBM Power Series with 85 million GRefs
  • Avoid ECP Licensing Costs – stay with SMP architecture if preferred
  • RAS – Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability to protect applications and data
  • Affordability & Lowering Costs – TCO and ‘as a service’ options
  • HPE/Epic/Comport – longstanding partnerships


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