Reassembling healthcare in the face of disruption

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Nov 1, 2023, 2:52 PM

New models of care delivery, innovative technologies, and disruptions are converging with legacy healthcare organizations to transform the U.S. healthcare market. This has created numerous challenges for traditional stakeholders, especially as they come out of a resource-draining pandemic. How these legacy organizations adapt to the changing landscape will determine their future survival and growth.

The new world of healthcare is consumer-focused, and innovative strategies will be as important as innovative technologies.

In this white paper, Deloitte discusses how organizations must reassemble health care in the face of hypercompetition from disruptors who are bringing fresh ideas and approaches to address the growing consumerism in patient care.

The paper highlights several trends shaping the future of healthcare, including:

  • A broader care ecosystem – Retail care clinics, value-based care models, and telehealth providers are a few examples of how the care network is expanding and fragmenting.
  • Shifting healthcare spending – Consumers are spreading more of their dollars to wellness and prevention.
  • Consumer empowerment – Patients seek more influence over their care and are no longer loyal by default. As healthcare costs rise, consumers expect better outcomes.

Register and download this white paper to learn more about the current inflection point where legacy healthcare organizations must battle financial and workforce challenges while trying to adapt to the new competitive landscape via transformational partnerships and consolidation.

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