Providers go big for automation

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Nov 6, 2023, 4:03 PM

More than 4 out of 5 healthcare providers see automation as important to the success and strength of their organizations, according to a new survey. The first of its kind, the 2023 Healthcare Provider Automation Survey connected with 300 C-suite, IT, and operations leaders at hospitals and health systems to understand what is driving automation — defined as “the use of innovation, systems and technologies to make processes and procedures more streamlined and efficient.”

Despite the favorable view, providers’ efforts in this area are dogged by disconnected projects in different departments and a lack of overall strategy, including who is leading the efforts internally.

This white paper from Cognizant highlights key findings from this inaugural survey and offers recommendations on how providers can develop enterprise-level automation strategies with appropriate governance and clear objectives.

Key findings and takeaways include:

  • An array of efforts underway – more than two-thirds of respondents deemed automation critical, but leaders inside the organizations are not on the same page.
  • Productivity improvements the main driver – providers expect reduced process burden on employees and clinicians, resulting in less burnout.
  • Fear of end user reactions overblown – providers reported high satisfaction with completed automation projects.
  • Expected or satisfactory ROI – most automation projects are either exceeding expectations or producing beneficial results even if returns aren’t as high as expected.

Download the report now to learn about the survey’s eight key findings as well as best practices for maximizing automation value.

Also check out Cognizant’s recent DHI webinar on-demand to hear more about the survey’s findings.

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Providers go big for automation

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