Flash data arrays: St. Joseph’s Health delivers secure, real-time care

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Jun 13, 2024, 4:25 PM

Healthcare systems require secure, real-time storage solutions to ensure immediate access to critical patient data, which can significantly impact patient care and outcomes. Delays in accessing medical information can hinder diagnoses, treatment decisions, and overall operational efficiency. The latest flash storage solutions can provide real-time data access that enables healthcare professionals to make informed decisions promptly, leading to improved patient outcomes and streamlined healthcare delivery.

St. Joseph’s Health, a world-class hospital and healthcare network, faced challenges with its aging IT infrastructure, including storage systems that hindered performance and reliability. The legacy systems caused delays in accessing patient information and impacted the efficiency of clinical applications. To address these issues, St. Joseph’s Health invested in a special flash storage array and cloud-based management, which resulted in immediate improvements in performance and reliability for various applications, including clinical systems, email, analytics, and more.

This case study from Pure Storage looks at how St. Joseph’s Health implemented Pure Storage solutions with immutable backups and snapshots to enhance its IT infrastructure and improve patient care. By upgrading its storage systems and leveraging Pure Storage’s data protection capabilities, St. Joseph’s Health achieved faster access to medical data, reduced wait times for clinicians and patients, and improved overall operational efficiency.

Download this case study report today to learn more about:

  • How St. Joseph’s Health modernized its IT infrastructure with Pure Storage all-flash and cloud-based solutions.
  • The benefits of real-time data access in healthcare settings.
  • How Pure Storage’s data protection capabilities mitigate the risk of ransomware attacks.
  • The impact of improved IT infrastructure on patient care and outcomes.
  • How St. Joseph’s Health leveraged Pure Storage to enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs.

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