Employers can drive healthy aging movement

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Sep 1, 2023, 8:01 AM

Nobody prefers to spend more and get less. However, that’s exactly what is happening in the U.S., as healthcare spending outpaces GDP and lifespan suffers a 25-year low. Even more troubling is that only about 66 years of the average American’s 76-year lifespan is in good health, according to an analysis from Deloitte.

The potential is so much greater. Americans could live for an average of 90 years with 95% of that time in good health. However, there needs to be a shift towards wellness and prevention, along with more empowered consumers, advanced equity and increased innovation. Employers are uniquely positioned to spark a movement toward healthy aging and not only help Americans live longer and healthier, but also improving the health and productivity of the workforce, according to Deloitte.

In its report “How employers can spark a movement to help us live longer and healthier lives,” Deloitte outlines evidence and strategies on how such a movement could extend lifespan by an average of 12 years and health span by an average 19.4 years by 2040.

Download this report today to learn how:

  • Employers can act as a catalyst for healthy aging
  • We can close health span gaps across races and ethnicities
  • Living longer can cost less
  • Uniting to improve and redefine health aging can pay dividends for generations

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