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Nov 6, 2023, 2:43 PM

Digital health transformation promises to deliver the level of health care that today’s consumers want and need, but providing better care experiences will need significant digital process improvements. Many processes moved rapidly online during the pandemic, and organizations quickly learned the importance of establishing digital value chains to help employees, partners, customers, and suppliers work together to ensure modern processes work is frictionless and more intelligent over time.

This white paper from Cognizant looks at the urgency healthcare organizations (HCOs) face to rethink how operations processes flow as humans interact with the new digital approaches. Based on Cognizant’s research and conversations with HCOs, this paper will offer insights on:

  • “Experience debt” as a strategic risk and outcomes detriment that needs remedy.
  • How precision automation in the process value chain can boost the impact of cost reduction and time-to-market speed while eliminating friction points.
  • Intelligent process automation (IPA) and AI as catalysts for quick wins on improving existing processes marked by rote and repetitive tasks.
  • Process data generated by automation as a profound benefit of next-generation IPA can help transform supplier and partner interactions for improved business process insights.
  • Moving from yesterday’s outdated processes to modern process solutions, including IPA, resulting in dynamic, frictionless, and intuitive operations that feel almost “process free.”

Download now to learn more about how to bring process work into the modern digital era.

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