Cybersecurity global threat report

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May 1, 2023, 10:30 AM

Cyber threats continue to come from all over the world, with Russian hacker groups, Chinese state-affiliated espionage, and Iranian lock-and-leak ransomware attacks topping the list of recent troubles. The primary tactics used in such global threats are identity-based and include an uptick in stolen credentials.

These cyber criminals have an expanding list of vulnerabilities to exploit, including legacy infrastructure and software. These attackers also have shown an adept ability to adapt their tactics to new security measures, including splintering out new groups when a big hacking group is busted.

As security tries to keep pace with hackers’ techniques and innovation, and as business digital functions become more complex — cloud, AI, automation and more — this new report from CrowdStrike provides details on the global threat landscape, including trending targets and techniques, as well as security recommendations and info on helpful products and services.

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  • How a new, emerging class of eCrime threat actors is using fileless attacks to target high-profile organizations with devastating campaigns
  • Why identity protection continues to be a core requirement for risk mitigation as adversaries ramp up attacks on multifactor authentication
  • Why adversaries are accelerating cloud exploitation and the tactics they’re using to compromise cloud infrastructure
  • How adversaries have created a new “state of the art” for vulnerability exploitation to sidestep patches and why the industry needs to demand more secure software

In addition to the report, check out the recent Cybersecurity in Healthcare Virtual Summit, which featured speakers from Intermountain Healthcare, Medstar Health, the Hospital for Special Surgery, Jefferson Health, the Guthrie Clinic, CHIME, AEHIS, and event sponsors CrowdStrike and First Advisory Health.

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