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Jun 21, 2023, 2:36 PM

As adversaries in the cyber landscape continue to advance their techniques, it is crucial to acknowledge the growing sophistication of threat groups such as SCATTERED SPIDER (eCrime), COZY BEAR (Russia-nexus), COSMIC WOLF (Turkey-nexus), and LABYRINTH CHOLLIMA (North Korea-nexus). These malicious actors have set their sights on the cloud, recognizing its significance as a valuable target.

In many instances, bad actors exploit legitimate identities to gain unauthorized access to sensitive systems and data. By leveraging stolen or compromised credentials, they can navigate through cloud environments undetected, bypassing traditional security measures and wreaking havoc within organizations. The cloud’s reliance on identities for access creates a potential weak link that adversaries are adept at exploiting.

In an era of constantly evolving cyber threats, organizations face a myriad of challenges to their digital security. At CrowdStrike, we are committed to providing you with the latest insights and solutions to navigate this complex landscape. Our 2023 Cloud Risk Report is a comprehensive resource that uncovers emerging threats, highlights trending targets and techniques, and offers strategic security recommendations to help you stay ahead of cyber adversaries.

Fill out the form to the right for this FREE Cloud Risk Report from CrowdStrike, which include helpful information on::

  • How adversaries are sharpening their use of cloud TTPs, growing more sophisticated in their attacks, and are targeting the cloud.
  • How adversaries are leveraging legitimate accounts as a means of initial access in cloud intrusions.
  • What make cloud environments insecure and how to configure proper security protections.

In addition to the report, check out the recent Cybersecurity in Healthcare Virtual Summit, which featured speakers from Intermountain Healthcare, Medstar Health, the Hospital for Special Surgery, Jefferson Health, the Guthrie Clinic, CHIME, AEHIS, and event sponsors CrowdStrike and First Advisory Health.

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