Architecting healthcare excellence through design-driven multicloud innovations

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Jan 9, 2024, 1:10 PM

Healthcare’s migration to the cloud has picked up pace, with most organizations using some level of public cloud services. Increasingly, they prefer a multicloud approach of leveraging several public cloud services along with private cloud and cloud-adjacent services. The goal of this approach is to host applications in the cloud today while optimizing these apps to enable easier future migration to another location, if necessary.

Healthcare organizations (HCOs) have many cloud options. While private cloud requires costly infrastructure and hybrid cloud poses migration and management challenges, multicloud offers control over how cloud resources are used without the administrative headaches. However, there are different ways to approach multicloud adoption. A by default method is an ad hoc approach focused simply on moving apps as-is to the cloud, whereas a by design approach more strategically involves careful migration and deployment plans focused on how the move to cloud will impact not just IT but also other areas of the business.

This white paper from Dell Technologies explores muticloud as the best-suited approach for HCOs and by design as the more beneficial strategy for long-term benefit to the entire enterprise. To this end, the paper will outline key considerations for a successful by design strategy and subsequent deployment and migration.

Register and download this white paper today to learn more about:

  • Multicloud for healthcare, including the differences between by default and by design strategies.
  • Developing a sound multicloud by design strategy, including specific operational, technical, and financial goals.
  • How hosted EHRs benefit from multicloud by design, including improved uptime and service management and easier connections to
    additional Tier 1 clinical applications.
  • Solutions available now to support healthcare’s critical workloads in multicloud environments.


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Architecting healthcare excellence through design-driven multicloud innovations

By admin
Jan 9, 2024, 1:10 PM