3 keys to patient-centric care team communication

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Apr 6, 2022, 8:00 AM

As the healthcare industry transitions from a volume-driven business model to a consumer-centric, value-based model, focusing on patients is more important than ever. Every caregiver knows that high-quality healthcare revolves around the patient, yet the complexity of the hospital environment can often shift that focus, with results ranging from negative patient experiences to potentially dangerous safety issues. While there are many ways to put patients first, improving care team communication and collaboration is a good place to start. The Joint Commission includes “improving staff communication” as one of its National Patient Safety Goals, and cites poor communication as a common root cause of sentinel events.

A patient-centric communication platform keeps the patient as the central hub around which all members of the care team collaborate. Following are the keys to an efficient, smartphone-based platform that revolves around patients.

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