2023 Most Wired Security Trend Report

In partnership with First Health Advisory, the report reviews best practices on security leadership, governance, tools and resources.
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Dec 1, 2023, 3:25 PM

In the tumultuous landscape of today’s healthcare, the annual CHIME Digital Health Most Wired (DHMW) survey is a significant digital health “north star” that healthcare organizations (HCOs) have relied upon for years. Reflecting the digital profiles of approximately 40% of U.S. hospitals, the array of HCOs included in the 2023 DHMW survey can easily be characterized as representative of the known US Health System landscape.

In a digital health world shaped by Meaningful Use, HCOs have largely moved on from focusing on their data capture and storage capabilities to improving outcomes. In this environment, leveraging data emerges as a critical activity in the realization of improved operational and clinical outcomes. This “acceleration of data usage” was evident in all eight sections of the survey but was especially pertinent to the Digital Transformation Priorities section.

Also known as cybersecurity, information technology (IT) security measures are designed to combat threats against networked systems and applications, whether those threats originate from inside or outside of an organization. In the context of accelerating data usage, IT Security plays a critical role in setting the pace to advance the use of data within the healthcare environment.

Using the 2023 DHMW survey as a starting point, we profiled findings from the survey around security leadership, governance, practices, and insurance before leaning on the insights of First Health leaders to provide context and clarity around the many complex issues HCO leaders must navigate to ensure their digital health tools operate within secure and reliable environments.

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  • The growing use of specialized leadership positions for cybersecurity
  • Best practices for security governance, including cadence of reporting
  • The many resources available to aid in security strategy and compliance
  • The best security tools to safeguard data while providing needed user access.
  • The importance of security insurance in this climate of attacks on healthcare

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